wren menzie the narcissist you divorce

Hi, I’m Wren Menzie, a real person who uses a pen name because some people are still alive. 🙂 I had the audacity (coupled with a sense of humor) to divorce not just one, but two narcissistic spouses. The results of these experiences are the guidance I wish I’d had to successfully identify the nature of the disordered behavior I experienced, and navigate the separations, legal proceedings, aftermath, and healing. Now having left the drama and conflicts of two such relationships behind, I bring you a concise, direct approach to dealing with narcissists.

With more than a decade of extensive research on the subject, I hope to guide you through the process of reclaiming yourself to live a contented and fulfilling life.

In real life, I’m a content creator, avid traveler, and voracious reader who lives and works in the Midwest.